Is Buffet Restaurant Trend HIT or FLOP?

Hello guys,
I hope u all doing well. So, as the name of this blog suggests, its a combo of fashion & food, so like in my previous blog I talked about fashion, this time we’ll talk about food trends.

So while discussing about food trends, what could be better than discussing buffet concept which is very trendy these days…..


Remember the days when there were no buffet restaurants & the only place where we used to get so much food varities were only marriages?

But fortunately, now we don’t have to wait for anybody’s marriage to enjoy a great variety of food because now we have multiple buffet concept restaurants which serves great variety of food at affordable prices.

Some of the best buffet restaurants I have tried in Delhi are Barbeque nation, Pirates of Grill, The barbeque company, Jungle jamboree, Bon barbecue, The great kebab factory, etc.


The essential feature of the various buffet formats is that the diners can directly view the food and immediately select which dishes they wish to consume, and usually also can decide how much food they take.
While The concept of À la carte is used in reference to a menu of items priced and ordered separately, which is the usual operation of restaurants.


So, is Buffet restaurant trend these days a HIT or a FLOP? Before coming to the conclusion, lets compare the pros & cons of dining in a buffet restaurant.

Buffet is definitely a HIT for people who are very foody & loves eating variety of food.
For them, getting multiple courses of meal at fixed price is definitely not a bad deal.
They can get welcome drinks, starters, main course & desserts all at lesser the price had they would have to order each portion seperately, that is a concept of Al A Carte

On the other side, Buffet is a FLOP for people who are not very foody, eat small portions, so they don’t want to pay extra money for portions they dnt like to have.

So, with this we can conclude that buffet trend being a HIT or a FLOP depends on the type of foody you are!!!!!


Keep eating🍜 🥘Stay healthy 🏃🏻‍♀️

Crop Top Fashion: Indian or Western?

In a society where Indian replaces western & western replaces Indian, fashion is something which varies from person to person.

People wear same piece of clothing in various different ways. So today, I am gonna talk about Crop tops which are most trendy these days.

So, when I talk about Crop Tops, what do you visualise it as?..Western Piece of clothing or Indian piece of clothing?
Well if asked me, it can be both, depending upon how you carry it.

A crop top (also cropped top, belly shirt, half shirt, midriff shirt, midriff top, tummy top, short shirt, and cutoff shirt) is a top, the lower part of which is high enough to expose the waist, navel, or some of the midriff.
Crop top have been emerged since 1980’s & has gained popularity after 2010 due to the popularity of 1990s nostalgia fashion.

Crop Tops Indian Way-

Crop tops can anytime be worn with long plated skirt for any occasion. It can be considered a good ethnic pairing.
In the above picture, I have carried a simple raw silk white crop top with long bangalorey silk fabric red coloured skirt.
More versions of Indian crop top styling are shown in the below pictures:


Crop Tops Western Way-

Crop tops in 2010s became famous more of as a western trend. It can be carried with mini skirts, trousers, jeans,etc. In the above picture, I have carried a plain black solid top with a long shrug, paired with high waist black jeggings.
More versions of Western crop styling are shown in the below pictures:


So, Is Crop Top Fashion Indian or Western, totally depends on how you want to carry it.
Happy dressing 😊👗Stay stylish 💃🏻